Find My iPhone iOS 18.0.7

Find My iPhoneFind my iPhone is an app helps you in detecting the exact location of the devices when theft or lost. Therefore it is a must have app for all the apple devices. The application is available for free of cost so you would not need to pay anything to get it. The app lets you lock the device remotely to keep all your data safe.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 18.0.7

  • With this application Apple devices can be detected easily all you have to do is to click the three dots of green color.
  • Protection of personal data when your phone goes missing. It has a feature of automatic lock, which locks your phone when you lose it, and therefore it will save all your data safe from others.
  • It has a lost mode, where the iPhone plays sound and noises to alert the user by listening if it is nearby.
  • iPhone automatically gets rebooted with find my iPhone’s feature.
  • Locking of phone, blocking texts, calling barrier all these features are also available when the phone goes missing.
  • To use this app you would not need to have your device available, as find my iPhone app as it can be easily accessed in any computer.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 18.0.7?

Click on the given below link and download the app in your device. To use it follow these instructions-

  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Click on All Devices and it will begin searching.
  • The green dot will appear in the geo maps.
  • And from geo maps, iPhone can be tracked.

Download Find My iPhone

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