Find My iPhone iOS 18.0.3

Find My iPhoneApple devices are always expensive. Therefore you might be little more careful about losing your device. The Find My iPhone is an application which helps you to save your device from getting theft or misplaced. The app lets you track the location of your device with which it gets easy for you to get your device back. The app is available for free of cost so you would not need to pay anything for that.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 18.0.3

  • Find my iPhone has a geo map where the green dot predicts the stolen or lost iPhone. Immediately it can be tracked on google maps.
  • The application allows you to lock all
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, ipad touch, air pods, apple watch everything can be rescued with the help of find my iPhone app.
  • Any personal or private data can be erased even if it is in the hands of any unknown person. This feature is the erase data mode.
  • It has a feature called play sound which plays audio so that if the iPhone is near, it can be searched for.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 18.0.3?

  • To download click the below given link.
  • Sign in to iCloud account and enter the password.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password wherever the app will command you to enter.
  • Click on All Devices and it will begin.
  • The green dot will appear in the geo maps.
  • And from there, iPhone can be tracked.

Download Find My iPhone

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