Find My iPhone iOS 18.0.0

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone application is an application available for the Apple devices which keeps the device of Apple users secure. The application allows the users to track their devices and get the exact location of the device. The application is available for free of cost which ensures that you would not be required to pay any fees for it.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 18.0.0

  • You are able to find out your phone’s location, set a different passcode and lock it remotely. And even delete all the data you have in the memory.
  • Find my iPhone is applicable to apple family setups, for say you can immediately track device of the person.
  • Open find my phone open any other device . All you require is the icloud id and password.
  • Your iPhone is to appear in the list of devices which is reflected below the map as for the location of your gadget, it will be shown on this app.
  • It has an erase data mode, to erase all the data to avoid abuse of personal data by miscellaneous.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 18.0.0?

  • To download the app click on below given link.
  • To set up this option, you are supposed to have an icloud account.
  • If you have this settled, tap settings on your smartphone.
  • Then choose icloud and click on find my iPhone after you have located this option, simply move the slider to on or if you have ios7 or higher to green this option will allow you to use the app in case your phone goes missing.

Download Find My iPhone

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