Find My iPhone iOS 16.0.2

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone is an application which allows you to find your Apple devices if you misplaced them or someone has theft them. This is a very useful application as you will be able to retrieve your device back whenever lost. The application is available for free of cost, so you would not need to pay any money to get this app in your device. The app allows you to track your device location on the map. With this app you can easily detect the location. You can also play sound to get your phone in notice.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 16.0.2

The Find My iPhone application comes with loads of features that we have mentioned below-

  • This app allows you to trace your device using the map. It shows real time location.
  • The app is available only for iOS devices and thus cannot be downloaded in any other platform.
  • The app allows you to erase the data of your device while you are away from it. It would thus keep your data safe and you can later retrieve it back using cloud.
  • You can set a screen message with your contact number in this app so that whenever someone gets your phone a locked screen message would appear and he would be able to contact you through contact number.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 16.0.3?

To download Find My iPhone app in your device you would need to click below-

Download Find My iPhone

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