Find My iPhone iOS 15.0.5

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone an iOS app to recover misplaced ios devices like mac, iPhone, iPad, iwatch. This app allows finding stolen or misplaced iPhone and track it live in order to get it recovered. The main need is to activate find my iPhone app in order to begin the finding lost device. Further, this app is hassle free as it blocks the notifications immediately after the activation of this app.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 15.0.5

  • Find my iPhone tracks the live location of the stolen iPhone via maps by representing green dot as stolen iPhone.
  • This app plays sound to let you find your iPhone which you may have forgotten and kept somewhere like in car, bathroom, closet, etc.
  • All the notifications can be received on your iCloud account which can be signed in on a computer by accessing user id and password.
  • Family sharing on apple allows family members to grant the iPhone’s location live.
  • Immediately blocks notifications like calls and messages when it detects a threat.
  • It wipes all the data to delete any important information.
  • Compatible with ios 7 and above software.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 15.0.5?

To download the app you will have to click on the given below download link. This will open a download page from where you can download it. After installing open the app. Enter your Apple ID and password. Click on All Devices and it will begin searching. The green dot will appear in the geo maps. Further, iPhone can be tracked live.

Download Find My iPhone

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