Find My iPhone iOS 13.0.5

Find My iPhoneWe all know how expensive are apple devices. It increases the need of saving the devices from getting theft or lost. But how to protect your device? Get Find My iPhone app in your device and you would be able to easily protect your device. The application helps in tracing the device using the map and lets you know the correct location of the device. Even if your device gets switched off due to low battery, it will show you the last tracked location of the device before it got off. It is extremely easy and simple to use application.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 13.0.5

The Find My iPhone app comes with loads of features. Here is the list of the features of this app-

  • The app traces the location of the devices and shows you it on the map.
  • It supports all apple devices. Doesn’t support any other platform.
  • The app lets you lock your device remotely and the screen will show a message with your number so that receiver can return it to you.
  • The application is available for free of cost.
  • It plays a sound too so that people can notice it and return the device.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 13.0.5?

The Find My iPhone application can be downloaded easily in your device by just clicking on the given below download link. It will open a page from where you download the app in your device.

Download Find My iPhone

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