Find My iPhone iOS 12.9.0

Find My iPhoneDon’t you need an app that can help you to recover you apple device when theft or lost? Find My iPhone is the phone you need to get installed in your device right now. The app helps you to recover the device as the app is able to trace the location of the device. It shows you the location on the map with which you can get back your device easily. The app lets you delete the data remotely whenever you want to protect it being accessed by anyone else. This is an app developed by Apple, inc, thus available only for apple devices. Be it your iPad, or iPhone, you can download the app in any apple device you have.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 12.9.0

The Find My iPhone app has amazing features which are listed below-

  • The app lets the user to trace the deviy through the map as it locates the device‚Äôs location.
  • It plays a sound remotely with which people can find it.
  • It helps to set a screen message with contact number which helps the finder to reach you.
  • The app lets the users to erase the data remotely which can be recovered through cloud later.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 12.9.0?

The app is available for download through the given below link. The link will redirect you to a download page where you would get the installation file to download. Once downloaded install it and use.

Download Find My iPhone

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