Find My iPhone iOS 12.6.9

Find My iPhoneMajority of humans in this world use smartphones and it has been proven as a boon to make living life more and more convenient day by day. These days you can see even elementary school children using smartphones. They have a wide variety of uses such as paying bills, booking tickets, transferring money, shopping, photography, navigation, music, watching movies etc. With more and more demand of Smartphones theft issues are being reported in a huge number. Many users due to small negligence misplace their phones here and there. Such issues are of great concern because smartphone is an expensive device. To solve such issues for Apple devices, Apple has services like find my IPhone. It is an app to remotely track your lost or stolen or misplaced Apple device be it an IPhone, iPad, mac from anywhere as long as the lost device has some kind of internet connection iPhones being expensive the app is very popular amongst Apple users. It not only helps you track your device but also helps in cleaning the private information so that they don’t fall in wrong hands. It offers an option of lost mode enabling which you can lock your lost device remotely and set a password which prevents thieves from accessing your personal data. If the user is not sure about getting the phone back, he or she can delete all data from the device by clicking erase button.

Features of My iPhone iOS 12.6.9

Let us read the features of Find My iPhone

 Tracking Feature
 Delete data feature
 Lock device feature
 For all Apple devices
 Easy to use

How to download My iPhone iOS 12.6.9?

Click here

Download Find My iPhone

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