Find My iPhone iOS 12.6.1

Find My iPhoneThe stress caused when you realize that your phone is missing is indeed unimaginable. The need to locate your lost phone occurs just after you have lost it; otherwise, you would not even imagine yourself leaning on an application in order to help you locate your lost phone. Find my iPhone is that one application that would help you locate your phone if lost. Since we are so prone to carrying our phones with us everywhere, it just so casual and possible for us to lose it anywhere. It is very simple. As simple as signing into the and it displays your device’s location. Now, there is this one valuable thing that you wouldn’t lose completely. Not only does Find my iPhone help you in finding your lost iPhone, it also helps you in finding your other Apple devices such as iPad or iPad Touch, AirPods etc.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 12.6.1

What are the key features of Find my iPhone?

  • Instant location of your Apple Device made visible.
  • Locates the Apple Device even if it has run out of battery.
  • Plays a sound on your Apple Device to help in the better location.
  • Unique Lost Mode feature which helps its user put the lost device to lock, so it is inaccessible by anyone.
  • You can also display a message using the Lost Mode feature.
  •  You can erase your personal data and restore it later.
    The available version of Find my iPhone application is compatible with iOS 8 and also with Family Sharing.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 12.6.1?

Click here

Download FindMyiPhone

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