Find My iPhone iOS 12.5.3

Find My iPhoneThe thought of loosing any of your apple device itself can be very tormenting. Appleā€™s Find my iPhone is indeed a very powerful tool that would run a soothe down your stress when you loose any of your apple device. So, if you happen to misplace any of your apple device then find my iPhone will let you use another iOS device in order to locate your misplaced device. All you would have to do is log into you iCloud and then it will provide to you your location of the missing device on a map. For higher versions of your apple devices, which would be more than the iOS 6, Find my iPhone includes features like the Lost Mode. Lost Mode is a very unique feature as it locks your misplaced device from any part of the world. It would later let you display a message on the lock screen; which would be very handy as you can display your contact number and the person who finds your missing device can locate it back to you. The Lost Mode also lets you keep a track of the locations your missing device has been. So, you can later check your history to know the locations.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 12.5.3

  • Easy location of your missing apple devices through a map format.
  • Also has a battery charge indicator.
  • Has the Lost Mode feature for the versions of iOS 6 or more.
  • Find My iPhone available is languages other than English; made available to a larger audience.
  • Plays a sound for two minutes at its full volume to attract attention.

How to download Find my iPhone iOS 12.5.3?

click below to download

Download Find My iPhone

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