Find My iPhone iOS 12.2.7

Find My iPhoneJust bought an iPhone?And happened to lose it too? Don’t worry. This is where Find my iPhone comes to your rescue. Purchasing expensive devices such as iPhones or other Apple devices, the misfortune to lose them due to an accident really hurts customers, especially the lower and middle class economy users. Especially Apple devices used for business and professional purposes if lost provide a greater chance of leaking useful and sensitive data of organizations and states. For these purposes, Apple launched a new
feature known as Find my iPhone in June 2010. Find my iPhone is an app that allows remote access and enables users to connect and track the location of their iOS devices. It is supported in all devices-MacBooks, Apple watch, and even AirPods. Therefore, even if someone happens to lose their Apple device, they have a probabilistic chance of tracking and acquiring their devices back using this feature.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 12.2.7

  • Find My iPhone Allows users to locate their iOS devices either using the iOS app or icloud.
  • Play Sound- makes the device play a sound at maximum volume even if it is muted and also enables screen flash. Especially helpful if the device has been mislaid.
  • Lost Mode tags the device as lost or stolen and allows the user to lock their devices using a passcode.
  • Erase iPhone enables users to erase all their content and data on the device. This is a very useful feature when the device contains sensitive data that should not fall into the wrong hands.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 12.2.7?

This app helps you find your lost iOS device and prevents useful data from falling into the wrong hands. The link for the Find my iPhone app is given hereby.

Download Find My iPhone

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