Find My iPhone iOS 12.2.0

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone is a software which lets you to track the lost/stolen Apple devices or misplaced devices. The Find my iphone was officially
developed by the Apple in the year 2010. The app doesn’t only tracks the
device but can also assist in wiping all the important information of the
device through remotely control. The application is also available for
other Apple devices by the names Find my iPad, Find my iPod and Find
my Mac respectively. The Find my iphone in the device can be enabled
by launching the settings app and then tap on the Apple ID , then tap the
iCloud option , scroll down and enable the Find my iPhone.The application comes with a remote location tracking service which locates the phone. The Apple ID the reference id through which the lost mobile phone can be tracked out. The primary requirement for the application to work is it should be installed in both the Apple mobiles. In the Find my iPhone application a lock mode feature is available which locks the device with a password . 

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 12.2.0

1. Find my iPhone gives you the access of lost phone in the maps.
2. The total location history of the lost phone is shown in the find my
iphone application.
3. Find my iPhone can remotely delete all the important information
from the lost device
4. The application has the feature of locking the phone with a passcode
using remote server.
5. The application plays an audible sound even the device is on silent

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 12.2.0?

The application can be downloaded only for the Apple devices from the
following link

Download Find My iPhone

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