Find My iPhone iOS 11.9.6

Find My iPhoneThe app is also known as find apple and is also known specifically for other type of devices as find my iPad, find my Mac, etc. It is an app and a service which is provided by Apple Inc. Which allows remote location tracking of Mac computers, Apple watches, and air pods. The service is currently available for iOS and later through iCloud. The enabled devices can be tracked through either an iOS app or the iCloud website.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.9.6

Below are the features listed about the app:

  • The Find My iPhone app allows users to locate their devices using iOS app or the iCloud app on your computer.
  • The app is capable of playing sounds, it makes the device play the sound at maximum volume and enables the flashing on the screen even if the device is in mute.
  • The app flags the device as lost or stolen if it is misplaced, it allows user to lock with passcodeĀ and if your device is an iPhone and is lost you may call the user directly on the device.
  • The app can erase all the settings and content available in the device if the device contains any sensitive information but once the feature is enabled you will not be able to find the device.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 11.9.6?

To download this app click on the link given below! The file will get downloaded in your device, which you would have to install.

Download Find My iPhone

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