Find My iPhone iOS 11.9.0

Find My iPhoneFind my iPhone is a type of application and also a service which is provided by Apple Inc. And which enables the remote location tracking of iOS devices, apple watch etc. The service is integrated with iOS and macOS, and we will be able to track the enabled devices using either an iOS application or an iCloud website. Devices who uses MobileMe were able to use Find My iPhone for free before, and when finally the iCloud released, the service became free for all iCloud users too.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.9.0

These below are the features listed:

  • This application enables the users to locate their iOS devices using iOS app or iCloud website on their computer, it allows the device to play sounds at maximum volume.
  • It also flashes the screen even if the device is mute.
  • It flags the device as lost or stolen so that the user can lock the screen with the passcode.
  • If the device is lost and someone finds the device, then the user can also call the founder directly on the device.
  • If your device contains any sensitive content and you could not find the device then this app is capable of erasing the contents completely but after enabling this feature you will not be able to find your device.
  • The Find My iPhone app can locate your lost device on the device’s map, so that you can enable lost mode
    and it will lock your device and will be able to track and find.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 11.9.0?

So if you are an iPhone user then hurry up and download the app from the link provided below.

Download Find My iPhone

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