Find My iPhone iOS 11.8.0

Find My iPhoneThis is a platform set by the Apple Inc. This app is purely made to search lost Apple devices such as iPods, mac, Airpod and Apple watches this app can bring run on iOS 5 devices and os x 10.7.5 and can even be used via
iCloud. This application can even be operated through iOS 8.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.8.0

This Find My iPhone app comes with amazing features such as –

1.Play sound- This feature helps the owner to find the device even if it gets missed placed as this feature allows the owner to make high sounds and even flashes a bright light on the screen if the device is kept muted
2.Lost mode:- This is an interesting feature that helps the owner to find the device and even the owner gets quite relaxed as when the device gets miss placed turning on the lost mode enables the owner to add a password on
the Home screen and this even helps the owner by sending owner the location of the device and can call the owner directly
3. Erase iPhone:- This feature is the best feature created for the owners that enables the owners to delete all the personal information in the device including the settings containing sensitive information and the most awesome feature is that the device requires a pass code while turning off and while reactivating the device but the condition is that the device starts after erasing all the previous information in fact the best option for all the Apple product users

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 11.8.0?

The following app can also be downloaded using the link provided below:-

Download Find My iPhone

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