Find My iPhone iOS 11.7.9

Find My iPhoneThis is an extremely handy software, that allows uses to track their mobile devices. This service enables iPhone, rather, iOS users to find the approximate location of their phone using the internet. Initially released in the month of June, in 2010, the application could be
downloaded free of cost by the user. Following the release of iOS version 9, it comes in built with the system software. The application can be used to track stolen or lost devices, through the Global Positioning Satellite, system. The latest version of the application was released in 2011.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.7.9

1. Devices supported are phones, Mac computers, Apple watches, AirPods, and iPads.
2. The application comes inbuilt with the system in iPhones and computers. Users can download the
application from the App store for other iOS enabled devices.
3. The Find My iPhone application is totally free of cost and is supported by the iCloud system.
4. The application enables the user to track their devices. This is done either through the iOS application or through the iCloud system, via the GPS.
5. The latest version allows the user to share the location of the device with desired contacts.
6. the app has three cardinal features-

erase iPhone: In case the device cannot be located, the user can delete all media, contacts and sensitive content using this feature.
Play sound: This handy feature makes the phone play a ringtone at the maximum volume, enabling the user to
find a lost phone with ease.
Lost mode: the user can lock a stolen device with a passcode.
7. In order to work, the device must have its location mode on, an internet connection and the user must have a registered iCloud account.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 11.7.9?

To download the app in your device click below-

Download Find My iPhone

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