Find My iPhone iOS 11.7.7

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone, is an Apple exclusive service that allows the users of Apple’s products like Apple’s iPhone or Mac to keep a track of their devices with the service being rendered free for the users of Apple’s iCloud.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.7.7

  • Find My iPhone helps users keep tabs on their devices by tracking their location, thus, reducing the chances of their devices being stolen or lost, thus, securing their devices. Users can also know if their device is running out battery aside from the location of the device through Find My iPhone. This helps the user decide to act faster before the device runs of battery.
  • To aid in the search for the user’s lost device, Find My iPhone, can also prompt the device to emit a sound that may help the user in locating the exact position of the device with the sound emitted from Airpods tested to penetrate further than the confines of the walls of a room.
  • Find My iPhone not only lets users keep a tab on their phones and help track their lost devices, it also protects the device from falling prey to the malpractices of the miscreants. There is a special feature called The Lost Mode that locks the phone and displays the location of the phone for the past 24 hours when the device is reported to be lost by the user.
  • Users may also delete their personal information from their device through the Find My iPhone app when their device goes missing and restore all their data later, from iCloud.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 11.7.7?

To download the Find My iPhone app in your device, click below-

Download Find My iPhone

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