Find My iPhone iOS 11.6.4

Find My iPhoneDeveloped by Apple, Find My iPhone, as the name suggests is created exclusively to track Mac, Airpods and iOS devices. The service is free of charge for all iCloud users. The app tracks the lost devices efficiently and also allows many other services such as locking the data or erasing it remotely.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.6.4

  • Find My iPhone app lets users track their devices and prevents the possibility of the device getting lost or stolen.
  • It helps track the location of the device through their iCloud account and even lets the user know if the device is running out of battery.
  • To track the device even further, the app plays a sound through the device that gives out the exact location of the device. The sound emitted for Airpods can penetrate further across a room.
  • The Lost Mode of the app safeguards the devices against miscreants. When your device is lost, you can enable this mode to lock the phone and the app will display where the phone was located for the past 24 hours. It displays a message on the lockscreen with a contact number so that the person who finds the phone may ring up that number without accessing the phone, itself.
  • The personal data present in Apple device is stored on iCloud. So, if the device is stolen, the user may delete the personal data from the phone through the Find My iPhone app and restore it later from iCloud.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 11.6.4?

Find My iPhone app can be downloaded onto your iPhone after clicking the following button.

Download Find My iPhone

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