Find My iPhone iOS 11.6.0

Find My iPhoneAre you at risk of losing your precious iPhone? Nobody likes to lost that precious phone along with the photos, contacts and other precious information stored in it. If at all it gets lost, there is always a chance of your data being accessed by someone. Find My iPhone helps to solve this very problem by letting you to remotely lock your phone and display a message on it so that you can get it back. We shall look more into the features of Find My iPhone and also how to download it.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.6.0

Here are some of the features that Find My iPhone has to offer.

  • Real-time location of your phone- You can get to know about the real-time location of your lost iPhone on a map, thanks to its excellent location service. This lets you know if you have just misplaced the phone or have lost it.
  • Secure data on lost phone- Find My iPhone lets you to remotely set temporary passwords on your lost phone so that your data remains safe.
  • Display custom message on the lock screen- You can remotely display a custom message with your contact details and a request to contact you when someone finds your lost phone on the lock screen.
  • Play sound on full volume on your device- You can play some sound for a minute or two on your device on full volume to ensure that your device is really lost and not misplaced by you.

How to Download Find My iPhone iOS 11.6.0?

Download Find My iPhone from the given link and secure your phone.

Download Find My iPhone

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