Find My iPhone iOS 11.5.9

Find My iPhoneDo you often misplace your phone and roam about looking for it? Then you should know the difficulties that you will face while you are parted from your phone for a while. The fear of losing your precious data like photos, contacts and other personal information getting lost forever comes to the mind. Find My iPhone helps to solve this problem. It lets you secure your device and data through locking your iPhone remotely. In this article, we shall look more into the features of Find My iPhone and how to download it.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.5.9

Here are a few features of Find My iPhone that makes it stand apart from other security apps.

  • Remotely secure data- If you have lost your phone, you can prevent unauthorized access to your data by setting temporary passwords or passcodes.
  • Find where your phone is on a map- Through Find My iPhone, you can get the real-time location of your phone through the location service (GPS to be precise). This is an effective way of knowing if you have just misplaced your phone or have really misplaced it.
  • Play Sound on your phone- You can play sound on your phone, even if it is on silent. This helps to find your phone if you have misplaced it and don’t remember where you kept it.
  • Display message on the Home Screen- You can display message like “This phone belongs to so-and-so. Please call this number if found.” So that whoever gets hold of your lost phone can contact you and give it back.

How to Download Find My iPhone iOS 11.5.9?

To secure your phone, just download Find My iPhone from here

Download Find My iPhone

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