Find My iPhone iOS 11.3.1

Find My iPhoneWant to secure your device from theft? Scared of losing your Apple device? Now, you don’t have to. Apple has bought a solution for this problem which is Find My iPhone app. This app would help all the apple users to find their devices in case of theft and lost devices. You can download the app in your device and keep the settings of the app on the secure options. This app locates your device’s location and when you are unable to find it anywhere. It also play a sound to alert the public about the lost or theft phone.

Features of Find My iPhone 11.3.1

Find My iPhone has the following features-

  • This app shows the last location of the device before it gets switched off in the MAp.
  • It can play the sound to alert other people.
  • It has a lock which can remotely lock the phone and can prevent its access. It will show a message with your contact details on the lock screen. So, that if anyone finds it can return it to you.
  • This app is available for Apple, devices only. Users can use it for iPhone, Mac, iPad, iPod etc.

How to download Find My iPhone 11.3.1?

To download this amazing app, check the given button and download the app in your device.

Download Find My iPhone

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