Find My iPhone 11.3.0

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone is an app which allows us to detect our Apple devices if gets stolen. Now, you don’t have to worry about the security of your expensive Apple devices. Apple has got a solution for this, and that is ofcourse Find My iPhone App. This app is really useful to get back your lost or stolen devices. It helps you by detecting the location of device and showing you on the map.

Features of Find My iPhone 11.3.0

  • Track your device- Find My iPhone can track the location of your Apple devices in just one click. It shows the exact location of the device in the map with directions.
  • Play sound- It can play a sound remotely and let the other people know about your device.
  • Erase iPhone- If you want to secure your data from theft, you can log into the app and remotely erase all your data from your lost apple device. This would prevent misuse of your data.
  • Lost mode- You can set a lock for your device, with which nobody would be able to access it if found. The message it will show on the device will be your contact information.

How to download Find My iPhone 11.3.0?

If you want to download this app, you can get it from our link we have provided below this article.

Download Find My iPhone

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