Find My iPhone IOS 11.1

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone application belongs to the software of iCloud. This app helps to protect and locate our android and iPhone devices. This app driven devices can be easily traced and located through the map service in the app. Devices can be found by playing a sound to the mobile for fast locating and tracing. This app also protects devices with the activation locks. This app can easily erase all the data from our phones with just a click.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.1

  • Find My iPhone app allows the users to find any kind of malware presence in their iCloud or iOS app.
  • This app in iOS will help to check battery status or extent of battery charged.
  • New feature in this application is that we can delete our unwanted messages and other crap information with a click.
  • If our mobile is stolen or being used by someone, we can restrict it by just clicking erase phone option in the application.
  • In-order-to pinpoint the location of the lost device, this app allows it to play audible sounds for tracing it.
  • Lost mode is introduced in this app where you can lock your lost device for preventing the others to access it.
  • Remote erase feature helps to secure your information by erasing it all if it is in wrong hands.
  • Activation lock is included in this app to prevent others from selling your device.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 11.1?

For most secure operation of your iphone swiftly download the Find My iPhone App by clicking the link given in the article.

Download Find My iPhone

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