Find My iPhone iOS 11.0.5

Find My iPhonePrimary media devices haven’t looked the same way, for a long time. TVs were the primary devices, then were the computers and today, most of our tasks are accomplished with just our phones. These pocket computers that we carry in our pockets all the time and everywhere, have grown to such a level of importance that we just cannot go through even a day without them. All of our work, communication, entertainment and everything else is dependant on it. So losing or misplacing one can only seem like a nightmare. To counter this obviously dire issue, Apple Inc. , introduced Find my iPhone. It is an application that can be used by iOS device owners to track their devices if and when they get misplaced. This application has proved to be one of the most helpful applications for people who tend to lose their phones and devices.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.0.5

Following are some of the features of the application

  • A feature of the application allows for the owner of a lost or misplaced device to remotely play a sound on the device at maximum volume, and make the screen flash even if the device is muted. This feature is exceptionally helpful in the case of misplaced devices.
  • There is a setting, called’s Lost Mode’ that can be triggered by the lost device from a remote device. This locks the missing device and allows someone who finds it to call the owner of the missing device.
  • In an extreme condition, where the owner of the device feels that the safety of the owner’s data is compromised, the data from the missing device can be remotely erased.
  • Find My iPhone is only for iPhones, and different device-specific versions are available for other Apple devices.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 11.0.5

Click here and get the app.

Download Find My iPhone


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