Find My iPhone iOS 11.0.2

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone is a pre-installed all in all iOS devices. This app helps the user track their phones in case they lose it or it is stolen. The app is one of the best security apps for any mobile device but unfortunately is only available on iOS devices. Find My iPhone uses GPS service in order to track the location of the device. The user can lock or erase all data on their phone in case it is lost or gets stolen. It is one of the most trusted security apps available on the app store.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 11.0.2

  • View the location of device-The app helps the user trace the location of their phone in case the user loses the phone. The exact location of the phone can be traced using this app.
  • Erase all data-Find My iPhone allows the user to erase all data on their phone in order to be safe from security data breach. The users can erase all data with the click of one button.
  • Lost Mode-This is one of the most unique features of this app. Activation of lock mode locks down the phone for 24 hours in case the phone has been stolen. It allows the user to get a detailed location analysis of the phone in
    the last 24 hours. The user can also choose to display a message on the home screen displaying their name and number.
  • Play a sound-In case the user has lost the phone, the app allows the user to send a message which makes
    sounds in order for the user to find the phone.

How to download Find My iPhone 11.0.2

Find My iPhone can be downloaded from the download button.

Download Find My iPhone

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