Find My iPhone iOS 10.3.3

Find My iPhoneApple Inc. provides its users with an app and service called ‘Find My iPhone’. This allows the tracking of an iOS device. The app service was initially released on July 15 2010. The services are integrated into the iOS and the macOS which allows the device to be tracked using the iCloud website or an iOS app.

Features of Find My iPhone 10.3.3

  • Free of cost- The app can be downloaded free of cost on the iOS device. It is easily available on the App Store.
  • Play sound- This feature makes the iOS device play a sound at maximum volume. Even if the device is muted, it makes flashes on the screen allowing the user to find the phone in case it has been mislaid.
  • Lost Mode- Find My iPhone allows the user to lock the phone with a passcode and the device will be flagged as lost or stolen. In case someone finds the lost phone they can directly contact the user via a phone call.
  • Erase iPhone- This feature helps the user who has lost or whose device has been stolen to completely erase the data stored on the device. This is very useful for phones with sensitive content. Once the use of this feature, the user will not be able to track the device again.
  • Activation Lock- After the iOS 7 all the device can carry a lost or stolen message on this after using the erase feature. This makes it hard to resell the device.

How to download Find My iPhone app?

The app is usually pre-installed on all iPhones. In case, the user wants to download the app- a link for the same is given below. Click on the link to download the app.

Download Find My iPhone

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