Find My iPhone iOS 10.3

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone, as the name suggests is an app exclusively for all Apple customers which helps them track down their device. It acts as a remote location tracking device for Apple devices like iPhone, Mac Computers, Apple watch and AirPods. It is an integrated service which acts as a tracking device for any Apple. It was initially released on 15 June,2010. The app is very useful for anyone and everyone as losing a mobile is one of the biggest threats for today’s world.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 10.3

  1. Play Sound- The Find My iPhone app lets the user play loud sounds on their stolen or lost devices. It allows the user to look for the lost device without any trouble. The app also shows flashes on the screen when the device is muted.
  2. Lost Mode-The app allows the user to enable the Lost Mode in order to report that the phone is lost. The lost Mode flags the phone as stolen or lost and allows the user to lock the device with a passcode.
  3. Erase iPhone- This feature of the app allows the user to delete all data on the device if the device is ever stolen or lost. Find My iPhone deletes all data on the phone so that no one other than the owner can access the information on the phone.
  4. View location- The app allows the user to track the location of the device in case it is lost or stolen.
  5. Free of cost- The Find My iPhone app is found on the App store, free of cost.

How to download Find My iPhone 10.3 app?

  • Click on the link given below in order to download the Find My iPhone app.
  • Install the app, once the download is completed.

Find My iPhone is a must-have app for all iPhone users as it is safer and it protects your phone from thefts.

Download Find My iPhone

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