Find My iPhone iOS 10.2

Find My iPhoneApple has designed many apps and products and to them one more that is added is find my iPhone. This app helps in tracking and finding the user’s phone if it is misplaced or lost .The app was developed in June 2010 and the operating system that it supports is iOS 8. The size of the app is 5.6MB.License of this app is freeware which means that the source code is not released by the developer(Apple).Initially it was  released only for MobileMe users. Later, in 2011 when iCloud was released the service became free for all.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 10.2

  1. This helps in tracking not only the phone but also iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, or AirPods.
  2. The user needs to sign in to icloud or install the find my iphone app to view the location of the phone on the map
  3. Find My iPhone shows the location even when the phone’s battery is low
  4. The user can send a text to the device’s lock screen so that the particular person can contact without having access to other information
  5. Incase the user’s phone is in wrong hands ,personal data can be erased using the feature Remote erase
  6. Advanced feature such as activation lock is available to prevent others from using the phone.
  7. Find my iphone works only when the ios is connected to active data plan
  8. The play sound feature plays a sound when the phone is silent or on vibrate. This helps in easy tracking

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 10.2?

  1. Go to the download button and click it.
  2. Install the exe file using screen instructions.

Download Find My iPhone

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