Find My iPhone iOS 10.1

Find My iPhoneLosing an iPhone may put any person into jeopardy. You travel a lot or you might be a very forgetful person and could be the cause for this problem. The phone might be anywhere and still you have no clue of it’s whereabouts. To curb this problem, Apple has come up with a revolutionary app- ‘Find My iPhone ‘ which can track your phone once it is setup. Find my iPhone is a free, easy to set up and probably the most valuable app on your iPhone. It works in almost all kinds of situations. If you have lost your phone, misplaced it or even is it is stolen, Find my iPhone has a way of either recovering your phone or protecting your data. You can use the app from an iOS device or iCloud services but for that you need to have an Apple ID.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 10.1

The different ways the app can help you are as follows:

  • Location mode. Sign in to your Apple account on an iOS device or iCloud and view your phone’s Location. This works even on low battery to give the location of your phone before it turns off.
  • Sound mode. The app plays a specific sound that can drift a long way to give you the exact location of your iPhone.
  • Lost mode. If your phone is lost, put it in lost mode to lock it. The app gives you the locations it has been for over the last 24 hours and you can display a contact number so that whoever finds it, can call you without accessing any other information.
  • Erase mode. If you believe that your phone has been stolen, you can erase your personal data and restore the phone to it’s factory settings.
  • Activation lock mode. Once you turn on the find my iPhone app, your Apple ID and password will be required so that no one can simply access your phone.

How to Download Find My iPhone iOS 10.1?

To download the app for your iPhone, click the button.

Download Find My iPhone

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