Find My iPhone iOS 10.0.3

Find My iPhoneNowadays, people spend a good amount on their phones as it is also considered to be a status symbol. All of us like to pretend that we only use good things and hence, we end up buying the costliest smartphone ever, Iphone. But since it is expensive, we take some extra care of it. But what if you lose it somewhere? That could create a mess. But worry not, you can use this app called Find my Iphone. No matter where you leave your Iphone, you can find it anywhere and also can protect your phone’s data. This is all you do not need to do it. All would be done by this amazing app and your only work would be to download it on your Iphone.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 10.0.3

  • Track- This app will help you in tracking your device no matter wherever it is. In fact, even if your phone gets off, Find My iPhone will somehow still mark the last location.
  • Activation lock- After downloading the app, you will have to make an activation lock which would be beneficial for your phone as it will secure your data even after being theft. It will also make the sound in your Phone in order to locate it.
  • Recover data- even if your phone gets stolen, you can recover the data from iCloud and you can also erase the data remotely if you don’t want anyone else to misuse it.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 10.0.3?

Click on the given download button made right after this article and download the app.

Download Find My iPhone

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