Find My iPhone iOS 10.0.2

Find My iPhoneWorried about losing your apple device? Now you don’t have to worry more. Apple has launched a new app for you to make you tension free and i.e Find My iPhone iOS app. This app made to locate your apple device if you lose it somewhere. It doesn’t only track it but also helps you to erase your data remotely and prevent it from misuse. Now you wouldn’t have to bother about your device as your device will be safe with this app.

Features of Find My iPhone iOS 10.0.2

Following are the features that you will get in Find My iPhone iOS 10.0.2 app-

  • It helps you in locating your device by tracking it.
  • It will even mark the last location of your device when battery shuts down.
  • It will make a sound in your device to locate it.
  • It has an activation lock which helps in preventing your data and device from theft.
  • Its activation locks also allows you to set a screen message with your contact number so that if anyone finds it he can give it back to you.
  • It helps in erasing your data remotely which you can restore later from iCloud if got your device back. It saves your data from being misused by anyone.

How to download Find My iPhone iOS 10.0.2-

You can get the app in your apple device easily by clicking on the button we have given here.

Download Find My iPhone

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